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Hi God (One More Thing) is for those moments when we need to stop, be still, and remember who God is.
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Worship First: an awesome reminder to give God your best, FIRST! I’m So Embarrassed. When the world gets a hold of a private matter you feel yucky and you almost cave into it, believing that’s your new identity. This devotion is a huge encouragement that God does not see you through the lens of your past, or your mistakes.
MEMBER OF Destiny’s Child, Actress, Speaker, Contestant on “The Masked Singer”
Michelle Williams
God desires a relationship with us, and all relationships start with a conversation. In her book, Hi God, One More Thing, Nicole Crank demonstrates how prayers can be conversational, honest, and even simple. If you struggle with how to talk to God, let this book help you.
Pastor of Life.Church and NY Times Best Selling Author
Craig Groeschel
Nicole Crank has unleashed a book that is intimate and powerful giving me immediate solutions to any situation keeping me focused on the promise God has made to me! I encourage you to grab a copy and stay armed with it and remain Victorious!
Producer, Director, Choreographer, Artist, Judge—“So You Think You Can Dance,”
Choreographer—MTV “Making the Band"
LaurieAnn Gibson ‘boomkack’
Nicole Crank knows regular, daily conversations with God are essential to our Christian walk, especially during life’s most challenging moments. Hi God, One More Thing gives voice to those times when we need God the most but can’t find the words. With heartfelt insight and truth from God’s Word, this devotional will inspire you again and again!
Author of The Daniel Dilemma and What’s Next?
We each yearn to know God more, to learn to abide with and in Him more. But so few of us actually know how to do that. That is why Nicole's book is so needed. It's a breath of fresh air that reminds us to come as we are to the one who loves us, created us, and dreamed of us before the foundations of the world; encouraging us to remove the trappings of labor and toil, instead choosing to rest into the light of His presence.
Emmy® Nominated Actress, Producer and New York Times Bestselling Author
 Roma Downey
Nicole Crank has done it, yet again! Her first Hi God book was a game-changer! And now this one, Hi God, One More Thing, is the icing on the cake! This book does the work for you. When the enemy tries to mute you with despair, heartbreak, and fear, this book gives you your Popeye’s spinach, called the Word, to move those mountains.
Brilliant! Love it! Great job!
Television & Radio Personality, Best-selling author,
Co-pastor Limitless Church, Fayetteville, GA
Real Talk Kim
I know my friend Nicole Crank is such a believer in the power of prayer that she would read my Gigi books to her daughter to show her how to talk to God, even as a little child. With that same heart, Nicole tries to connect the inner child in all of us to our father and Creator, no matter our physical age or our spiritual age, trying to make tough conversations easy.
Author of “Praying Women”
SheiLa Walsh
This book speaks to your mind, body, and soul! It’s real honest and practical, in so many ways, to help you overcome everyday life situations. We all face pressure. We all feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges. It’s important that we stop and talk to God and give Him our cares. We can’t go through life alone! We need to stop and talk to God who knows what we’re facing and has the answers we need to defeat the enemy!
The Isley Brothers
Kandy and Ron Isley
Sometimes, finding the words to express our feelings and just talk to God about them can be difficult. In her book, Hi God, One More Thing, Nicole Crank manages to do just that. Whether it is about feeling overwhelmed, or afraid, or confused, or alone, or angry; in this book you will  find the words to pray. Each section is a quick read, thus making talking with God seem easy! You will enjoy this book!
Founding Pastor Oasis Church, Founder “She Rises,” Author “Find Your Brave”
Holly Wagner
Our God can handle the tough stuff! Pastor Nicole makes jumping into the depths of authentic and raw prayer accessible to anyone. Hi God, One More Thing will fire you up! I believe you will encounter our great and good God in a more intimate and powerful way!
Author, Founder of Branch 15, Leader of Women’s Ministry & Co-founder Life.Church
Amy Groeschel
I highly recommend this book to anyone, but especially those who have had challenges with truly trusting God and letting go. Nicole’s book will help you go further with God and enjoy the good life He intended for you. Nicole takes you on a journey to take a bold step of faith, step into the car, put your seat belt on, relax in His presence, and enjoy the ride with God!
Author, Founder “Women Walking in The Word”, Wife to Pastor Mike Freeman, Spirit of Faith Christian Center
Dr. DeeDee Freeman
If you want an intimate relationship with God, this book is your guide! Nicole’s relatable, no-nonsense (and hilarious) style will draw you in and keep you turning the pages. You’ll never think of “prayer time” the same again! The secret of your future is in your routine and this book puts the spark back in to your daily conversations with God.
Vision Board Expert
Terri Savelle Foy
endorsement by priscilla Shirer
We know we should go to God amidst the craziness, but how can we find the time? And once we get with him, what do we even say? In this 60-day devotional, Pastor Nicole Crank empowers readers with biblical affirmation, reminding them that God is in control of their chaos and has purpose in their pain. Sharing short and simple words of encouragement, she meets readers in the everyday and reminds them of the importance of spending quality time with God.


Hi God One more thing is an excellent source of wisdom as well as guidance that I utilize in my everyday life. I am reminded that even in the most complicated situations all I need is to share my situation with God my creator who loves me no matter what. Yes I will see the light in the darkness and I will continue to rise to the top. I am grateful to Pastor Nicole for her obedience to God as well as sharing His love! This resource is inspirational, encouraging, and powerful!

Thank you so much for your Circle of Friends. The Sheryl Brady discussion this past week just really blessed me! I’m catching up on the one’s I missed … but I’m like thinking … more people really need to be part of Circle of Friends! 

Cannot put this book down! It is not the author, but me speaking to God through her. Simple truths that will shock you. Good came “new” looking!

I absolutely adore Nicole Crank and her heart for the body of Christ. Both of her Hi God books are like reading letters from your best friend every single day. There have been times that I have been spent and ready to cry then I pick up my book and Nicole and God are there to meet me. I love how these book are so relatable and easy to read. Thank you, Nicole for sharing your love!

I came across Nicole Crank late October. And since then I’ve learned so much from her. I learned that it’s ok to talk to God about the tough stuff you don’t have to be perfect in his presence. He is near to the broken-hearted. This book just really allowed me to open up to God. Using the prayers in here as a base and then opening up about my life. It’s really spectacular!
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